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Edu-Curator Foundation has observed numerous factors for the humiliated environment of the IT in Pakistan despite the fact that government is supporting in all cadres, still the institutions are not been in position to evaluate it fully and expose the general public to the multi dimensional benefits of IT.

The present revolution of technology-driven society has mandated the use of technology in all walks of life for a sustainable development, Technology education evolved through craft, or technical skills education from Industrial Arts and Manual Training and it is geared towards allowing learners explore a variety of activities related to many areas of human endeavor. We are introducing B2B and B2C because they helps to make them think big become visionary and will see all aspects of information technology as an opportunity for creating or enhancing new/existing IT infrastructure that all organizations use, with the possibility of changing the future of the information age.

Edu-Curator Foundation aims at the promotion of IT in Pakistan and the promotion of E-Commerce specially B2B and B2C in Pakistan in order to expose the attainable benefits to the general public. As a economic trigger it will promote entrepreneurs to get maximum out of the available IT tools and will provide employment opportunities to those who are deprived from this use of the IT tool (E-Commerce) in the absence of such awareness. Foundation is planning to promote competition and entrepreneurship in developing countries and would like to encourage cross country investments by virtue of meeting business leaders and decision makers from different countries. Foundation would like to achieve this vision by becoming a major player in the development and promotion of SMEs as a vehicle for economic and social growth and prosperity in member countries.


Edu-Curator Foundation - Promotion of IT in Pakistan Program" aims at the general promotion of IT in Pakistan, promotion of E-Commerce specially B2B and B2C in Pakistan, theme of good IT practices, IT education and awareness, inspiration and multi-dimensional IT achievements in order to expose the attainable benefits to the general public for the future IT generations of Pakistan.

We seek to build alliances with major IT service providers all over the world in order to expand the scope of our program. We provide awareness programs and trainings about advance solutions in the information technology field which will include Advance Security system, E-Solutions, High-end solution, IT Consultancy Development, IT services, Integrated Solutions, Educational system, Application Packages, E-Commerce and IT Outsourcing. We are dedicated to providing consistently high level satisfaction by rendering excellent delivery mechanism for awareness campaigns and trainings.

Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) have emerged as the most dynamic and vibrant sector and proved to be the backbone of a national economy, particularly in developing countries. Although the globalization and the changing economic environment have posed certain challenges to the development of SMEs, they have provided opportunities for SMEs as well.

SMEs must be able to respond quickly and efficiently to international market signals to take advantage of trade and investment opportunities and reap the benefits of the international trading system. This means they need to be competitive and productive. Effective business support systems are needed to enhance competitiveness and productivity of SMEs

SME activity is at the heart of growth, sustaining jobs, creating new employment and helping in the development and support of local production. SMEs can enable many poor people to feel more secure, knowing that they have a stable job to go to each day.

Edu-Curator Foundation has developed a comprehensive program for the development and sustainability of SME's in order to eradicate poverty, unemployment and boost up economic growth. SME Development plan take necessary steps to strengthen the business support system, through an intermediary role, by building capacities in business services, both public and private (e.g. market, product and process information provision, accounting, market analyses and research, legal advice, transportation, express delivery, advertising).


The overall mission of this program is to eradicate poverty and unemployment by developing and sustaining SME sector in Pakistan, which will definitely foster economic development.

Problem Statement

Pakistan has emerged as the second rapidly growing economy in Asia after China in 2004 – 2005, as claimed by government and well accepted by international raters and financial institutions. According to Economic Survey 2004-05 this increase in real GDP is the courtesy of robust performance of large scale manufacturing and services sector. Even though the large scale manufacturing registered 15.4% growth but small and medium enterprises (SME's) is the core issue in the country’s progress and especially for the prosperity of masses that are surviving with low scale income due to which Pakistan ranks 135th out of 174 countries on Human Development Index.

In Pakistan SME sector is not only the minor sharer till yet, reality is that Pakistan’s whole economy is highly dependable on the pace and productivity of SME's. Out of Pakistan’s 3.2 million enterprises 95% are those who possess 99 employees in private industrial sector and employ about 78% of non agriculture labor force. SME contributes 25% export of manufacturing goods and 30% of GDP is the outcome of business efforts of SME's.

SME’s are performing a very constructive role in the development of export-led industrialization and added that in majority of the developing countries SME’s are the biggest group in terms of number of industrial units. Highlighting SME sector in Pakistan the scholar pointed out that there are roughly 3.2 million business project in Pakistan and the share of SME’s in industrial employment is estimated 78 percent and added that the SME’s in Pakistan contributes 30 percent of national GDP.

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