Goals & Objectives

1. To open and run and to plan, develop and establish Educational / training institute and Spoken English courses, and other such instruction and Library / Reading rooms for the members and general use of public.

2. To print books, periodicals, newspapers, pamphlets, leaflets, banners, posters and to adopt all those measures which may be considered desirable for the promotion of the objects of the Society or any of them.

3. To encourage, promote, support or arrange symposia, seminars, lectures, classes, demonstration and exhibition to advance the objectives of the Society.

4. To print, publish issue, circulate, carry on research aid and assist in printing, publishing, carrying on research and in circulating and issuing papers, periodicals, journals, books publications and other similar efforts in relation to the objectives of the Society.

5. To affiliate itself or associate with other Institutions establish faculties and to select faculty members and decide courses, teaching methods and Strategy in order to ensure the most effective education programs.

6. To award from time to time, scholarship to outstanding student’s original research work.

7. To assist and provide Audio / Video assistance to the students.

8. Poverty alleviation through preparation of professionals.

9. To establish, build set up and manage Computer Training Institution in the fields of Information Technology.

10. To undertake in any other manner, the diffusion of useful knowledge.

11. To provide free uniform, books and educational facilities to the deserving students.

12. To promote the cause of National Educational / Financing and Patronizing Educational Institutions.

13. To foster in the hearts and minds of the students of Pakistani a deep and abiding loyalty to Islam and living consciousness of Muslim National Brotherhood.

14. To develop and inculcate in accordance with the QURAN AND SUNNAH, the character a true Muslim.

15. To create interest and love for learning and discipline among the youth.

16. To create a sense of responsibility among the youth to use their knowledge for socio-economic growth and development.

17. To adopt useful measures to eradicate the illiteracy and unemployment.

18. To do such other activities for the welfare of the beneficiaries of the Society.

19. To donate and subsidize any amount, goods and property to a person or institutions serving to the cause of the Society.

20. To grant scholarship for research work and promotion for the purpose of the Society as the Society may deem fit.

21. To make grants for the benefit and welfare of the beneficiaries and poor employees of the Society.

22. To participate with the public / Govt. functionaries in promoting their public functions of welfare of general public leading to poverty alleviations, un-employment, raising of status / standard of livings sports & culture, tourism special education of rehabilitation of disabled sector. Etc


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  • We live in an age in which natural resources have diminishing importance. Knowledge has become the single most important factor for socio-economic development.