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In Education sector it’s a factum that literacy rate is increasing day by day. While the employment ratio is decreasing day by day. Major reforms are needed in this sector. Edu-Curator Foundation took the initial step and started a comprehensive Program for Grass Reforms in the education sector through "Edu-Curator Foundation School System".

In first phase more than 100 schools will be established in the far and flung rural and backward areas of Pakistan in co-ordination with Local, National, International Communities and Organizations.

Our learning programs are very encouraging and we are quite optimistic about brilliant results in the shape of quality education, responsible citizenship, successful learners and job employments for jobless graduates in private/public organizations and abroad as well.

We sincerely hope that people from each and every community round the globe will take advantage of this unique facility to enhance their quality of education, their living standard, their morale cadre and their career aspiration. We will provide awareness about different cultures of the world their ethical values and Inshaa Allah will set an example to show that humanity is superior to all sects, castes and religions.

We are looking forward to share our success and let us together become a catalyst of change for a better and brighter future.

Edu-Curator Foundation School System is an education system to design your future generation’s life.

Vision of the Edu-Curator Foundation School System

Edu-Curator Foundation School System aims to be a system of excellence, dedicated to produce successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and leaders of the future by evaluating the potential in the safe, positive, respectful, inclusive and welcoming learning environment, provide them the best start in their life and to make them physically and emotionally healthy.

Mission of the Edu-Curator Foundation School System

Edu-Curator Foundation School System (Charity School - A project of Edu-Curator Foundation) provides an environment in which every student discovers and realizes his full potential. The school should attract the best talent - students, teachers and facilitators - from all parts of the World, without distinction of race, religion, caste, or social status. As a world class finishing school, it must maintain a sharp focus on the pursuit of knowledge, skill and ethical standards. In particular, it must attain the highest academic standards along with the best quality of manners.

In addition, Edu-Curator Foundation School drawing on its traditions and its rich history, the school should aim at the broader development of the complete personality of its students by creating:


1) To develop the formal education system across the world.
2) To provide a school for needy, poor and homeless children.
3) To help the children to escape from the bonds of poverty and hopelessness by providing education, life skills, values and a caring environment that will empower them to successfully move into the mainstream of society.
4) To provide a well-rounded program of instruction using the best educational practices appropriate to the cultural, intellectual and social needs of the students.
5) To provide a world class curriculum with English & Urdu as the main languages of instruction.
6) To provide educational resources for a safe, challenging, tolerant, and supportive environment in which students are actively encouraged to participate.
7) To prepare students to be independent thinkers, skillful communicators, and lifelong learners and global citizens.
8) To foster a sense of individual responsibility, self-discipline, self-reliance, and respect for self and others.
9) To promote a creative and active lifestyle.
10) To orient students to the world of technology and media, developing familiarity, competence, and awareness of the tools they will need as they continue their learning process.
11) To encourage students, teachers, administration, and parents to play an active role in promoting educational excellence.
12) To recruit highly qualified and motivated faculty and staff members.
13) To provide equal opportunities to males and females to strengthen community bonds (local, national and international) through a range of inclusive activities and programs.
14) To encourage acceptance and tolerance to the diversity of moral, traditional and religious values.
15) To promote social responsibility through active involvement in serving the community in the school, on campus and in the community.
16) To create a respectful working environment for students and staff.
17) To providing a personalized and student-centered approach to learning.
18) To build an "Institution of Excellence" and a "Culture of Achievement".
19) To establish focus on continuous improvement and shared accountabilities.
20) To promoting equity and social justice.
21) To maintaining attractive and welcoming grounds and facilities.
22) To recognize and celebrate diversity.
23) To encourage school, community health and well-being.
24) To develop and maintain the core values of Respect, Integrity, Responsibility, Achievement, Excellence, Equity and Citizenship.

1. EDP is a global initiative that will increase the number of under-served entrepreneurs receiving business and management education. This will be the first phase of the EDP Program and will be launched in the Lahore, Gujranwala, Sialkot, and Rawalpindi & Islamabad Cities. The belief of the initiative is that partnerships between education, development and business experts can help bring about signi¬ficant change through improved business education for entrepreneurs. Through this program, Foundation will be able to provide world class education that help entrepreneurs to think big and grow their businesses.

2. World-class expert faculty will ensure that the curriculum is based on relevant and research-based knowledge required to be successful in an increasingly complex business environment.

3. Foundation is planning to promote competition and entrepreneurship in developing countries and would like to encourage cross country investments by virtue of meeting business leaders and decision makers from different countries. Foundation would like to achieve this vision by becoming a major player in the development and promotion of SMEs as a vehicle for economic and social growth and prosperity in member countries.

4. Entrepreneurs Development Program is a special program designed by the Foundation for promotion of entrepreneurship. This certificated program has been developed with special focus on development of analytical and management skills of the entrepreneurs. Training will be done under the supervision of the Foundation, with a rigorous schedule for accomplishment of the goals.

Goals & Objectives of the Entrepreneurship Development Program


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