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To impart formal education through modern techniques, develop the ultimate professionals, make out entrepreneurs of the talented graduates, ensure physical and mental health, create awareness about the welfare of public in every mind, make community free from poverty and economically grown.Our organization aims to add considerable value in this field of education by using our extensive resources and to have affiliations with world renowned institutes in the related field It is always our prime aim to provide and ensure personal attention to all concerned and to provide quality course material, proper guide line and coaching in a world class manner.

We are organizing different educational programs, workshops, seminars for advancement and improvement of professional competencies and skills. Our learning programs are very encouraging and we are quite optimistic about brilliant results in the shape of job employments for jobless graduates in private/public organizations and abroad as well. We sincerely hope that you will take advantage of this unique facility to enhance your career aspiration. We are looking forward to share our success and let us together become a catalyst of change for a better and brighter future.

”Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.” (Henry Ford - 1863-1947 - American industrialist)

We live in an age in which natural resources have diminishing importance. Knowledge has become the single most important factor for socio-economic development. Countries that have realized that their real wealth lies in their children and invested massively in education, science, engineering and innovation have surged forward, leaving others behind. Just one company of Finland (Nokia), a country with a population about one-fourth of Karachi, has exports that are double the entire exports of Pakistan! Singapore, also with a similarly small population, has exports of $351 billion, almost 18 times those of Pakistan. South Korea revamped its educational system, laying emphasis on higher education, science and technology, and increased its university enrolment from five percent of the age group in 1960 to 92 percent of the same age group in 2010. The result was an astonishing increase in its exports, from $32 billion in 1960 to $466 billion by 2010. (Pakistan’s exports stagnate at about $20 billion.)

What went wrong in Pakistan? Since its formation in 1947 Pakistan has been facing one crisis after another. It is oscillating between successive democratic and military regimes. Regular military interventions were necessitated by corrupt governments which looted and plundered at will whenever they got an opportunity to do so, putting to shame the vision of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah of a progressive, modern Pakistan. The military governments failed to punish those criminal politicians and bureaucrats who amassed vast fortunes abroad. In contrast, India brought in genuine land reforms and, guided by the vision of Jawaharlal Nehru, gave the highest emphasis to education, science and technology. In contrast, Pakistan – where a robust middle class did not emerge because of the absence of land reforms – has developed one of the worst school systems in the world. The powerfully entrenched feudals, who have a stranglehold on the cabinets and parliaments, gave education the lowest importance, with Pakistan spending only 1.2 percent of its GDP, which makes it comparable to Bhutan, Nepal or Togo. We are now ranked among the bottom 10 countries of the world in terms of investments in education, a shameful fact about a nuclear power. The result has been an illiterate and lawless nation, drowning in foreign loans while the powerful loot and plunder.

As the big manufacturing industries are affecting from the energy crises and unemployment makes the economic growth misbalanced so we proposed a way to balance the burden of inflation in the economy by developing SME’s, the availability of massive young creative resource in Pakistan and they can utilized their energies on a positive and successful way, we conducted research on this economy GAP to develop capabilities for effective transformation young people into entrepreneurs which eventually creates SME’s more stronger to maintain the balance. Our expertise have found that the main performance is build on the mental side of an human being which requires physical human body support, we not only focuses on the mental growth and development but we aim provide them with the quality health care facilities. In rural areas the Health awareness campaigns with the partner organizations will enable our people who are far away from cities.

Eventually the purposed changes are the first step that will grow our economy and develops our people to as competitive as the people of develop nations.

“If you were graduated yesterday, and have learned nothing today, you will be uneducated tomorrow.”

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  • We live in an age in which natural resources have diminishing importance. Knowledge has become the single most important factor for socio-economic development.